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Adam Bornstein BarBend Podcast

You Can’t Screw This Up (with Adam Bornstein)

Today I'm talking to one of my oldest and dearest friends in the fitness industry, Adam Bornstein. (He actually joins us for the second time.) He's a New York Times Bestselling Author, personal advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger, journalist, and all...

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Join the Smartest Minds In Strength

Learn from the top athletes, coaches, and influencers in strength! Each week, BarBend Editor and Co-Founder David Thomas Tao sits down with the strength community’s smartest and strongest minds to get their thoughts on training, competition, and coaching. World record holders share their competition secrets. Coaches give their favorite tips. And top thinkers and researchers from the realm of strength science go deep on their most promising findings.

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Victoria Long on the BarBend Podcast

Heaviest Deadlifter in History (with Victoria Long)

Today I’m talking to strongwoman Victoria Long. She’s a pro strongwoman, the current America’s Strongest Woman, and a 2-time Arnold Pro Strongwoman Champion. She’s also a world record holder in the Elephant Bar

Kelly Starrett on the BarBend Podcast

Built to Move (with Dr. Kelly Starrett)

Today I’m talking to Dr. Kelly Starrett, someone I’ve known for approaching a decade. He’s a New York Times Bestselling author and the mastermind behind The Ready State. Kelly works with pro athletes,

Don Saladino Podcast

Don Saladino: How to Get Hollywood Ready

Don Saladino is one of the fitness world’s most in-demand trainers. A specialist in strength and physique for over 20 years, Don is perhaps best known for getting some of Hollywood’s biggest stars

Clay Cooper on the BarBend Podcast

Deadlifting in the Wilderness (w/Clay Cooper)

Today I’m talking to Clay Cooper, better known online as @discoverydeadlift. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Clay took his weight plates and barbell outside and began doing his deadlift workouts in the great